Who We Are

Gilmore Carpentry is a small private company specializing in residential additions and renovations. We work closely with our clients, in a creative, affordable and sustainable fashion, to best achieve their project goals.

Our Vision

We cater to the individual needs of a client, working creatively to provide a finished product that excels in both design and craftsmanship. While we ensure quality, we also provide our clients with affordable options. In doing so, we act as environmental stewards, striving to incorporate informed practices that align with our motives to respect our ecosphere.

Our Mission

Gilmore Carpentry is committed to working closely with its clients, ensuring that they are content throughout each phase of a project. In pursuing our vision, we continually attempt to remain current on emerging building technologies, practices and products. This allows us to be creative, while at the same time offer our clients a variety of options including greener and cleaner building practices and products.



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