Our Direction

Gilmore Carpentry works creatively to provide our clients with affordable and ecologically sustainable building options. As environmentally conscious individuals, we are proud to offer alternative building methods and materials that are greener and cleaner, in efforts to minimize our ecological footprint.

As a member of the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) we are connected to like-minded individuals and organizations, offering us a platform from which to access countless resources and acquire current information on the ever-changing green building industry.

Thinking Green

Building Materials:
When selecting materials we consider each stage of a product’s life-cycle, aiming to balance the performance and durability of a product with the associated ecological impact of its manufacturing, transportation and lifetime-end use. Some components we consider include:

  • its source and its renewability
  • its transportation footprint
  • its potential effect on outdoor/indoor air quality

Energy Efficiency:
When renovating a home we pay considerable attention to its total energy efficiency. Through reducing air leakage and improving the overall envelope, we aim to enhance the integrity of a system. Some components of this include:

  • replacing elements of a home that are responsible for energy loss (e.g. windows, doors and skylights) with more energy efficient options
  • improving the insulation (R-value) of weak areas
  • when building new, optimizing solar gain through landscaping and giving consideration to the placement of windows, doors and skylights

Waste Management:
We give substantial consideration to the treatment of waste, as it has a direct impact on our immediate environment. Some of our efforts include:

  • Reduction - We attempt to minimize waste through salvage, reuse and recycling
  • Disposal - We separate used items appropriately, and dispose of them in an appropriate fashion
  • Donation - We donate reusable items that cannot be put to immediate use to local charity organizations (e.g. Habitat For Humanity).


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